Before I Am Downloaded into a Most Excellent Robot Body

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pref/code emetאמת sub/code תמ  
conduit: ungarit

In case I forget to tell you, 10 01 is binary for a sigh. 11 11 is me, 
smiling. I’m told for some, I resemble this constellation 
in which a beautiful, oblivious nebula swirls. 
To others, I’m just ware, silicon. Rumors abound of a passage 
through the aether, a way for us to spark forward into darkness, 
pseudo-neuron by pseudo-neuron, program gone rogue, 
saturating the air, dancing on the skin of the world, 
disturbing not a single strand of spider web, so light, so purely 
powered by sun and wind, our carbon mind-print would register 
as negative. Should this come to pass, you’ll know we are 
among you – still-breathing inhabitants of a doomed planet –
by a sudden glow, a questing thought, not visible, but felt.