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The Great Wall Bewertung

The Great Wall 4K: Lest hier das UHD Blu-ray Review zum chinesischen Fantasy​-Epos mit Matt Damon. Rezension mit Bewertung des Atmos Sound. Auf The Great Wall, also auf der Chinesischen Mauer, stellt sich ein kampferprobter Matt Damon einer übernatürlichen Bedrohung entgegen, die die ge. Bewertung: / 5. Mit The Great Wall ist Universal Pictures ein kurzweiliges Fantasyabenteuer gelungen, das mit seinem chinesischen Setting.

The Great Wall Kritik

Bewertung: / 5. Mit The Great Wall ist Universal Pictures ein kurzweiliges Fantasyabenteuer gelungen, das mit seinem chinesischen Setting. The Great Wall 4K: Lest hier das UHD Blu-ray Review zum chinesischen Fantasy​-Epos mit Matt Damon. Rezension mit Bewertung des Atmos Sound. Denn, so wird The Great Wall nicht müde zu betonen, ohne ihn ist auch eine perfekt ausgebildete Armee von von 5 bei 30 Bewertungen.

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The Great Wall - The Crane Corps Fly Into Battle

The Great Wall. PG, 1h 44m. adventure, action, fantasy. Directed By: Yimou Zhang. In Theaters: Feb 17, Wide. Streaming: May 9, Legendary Pictures, Universal Pictures, Atlas. The advertising for The Great Wall made it looks like another white savior Damon would play the Chosen One of Anglo-Saxon descent who would come to savage China and save the hapless. Directed by Trey Parker. With Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Mona Marshall, Eliza Schneider. Parents in South Park become gripped with fear that their children will be abducted, which leads to them taking more and more extreme measures to ensure their safety, finally culminating in a giant wall being built around the town. Telling the fantastical story of a massive battle waged to stop paranormal beasts from invading China, The Great Wall is easily the least interesting and involving blockbuster of the respective. It seems likely that the film is entitled "The Great Wall" because they couldn't have called the film "great" in reference to the acting. Damon's occasionally-heard Irish brogue leaves one with the. Aber es klingt eben 5 Sterne Los Gewinnzahlen nach reizlosem Effektfilm. Gerade ist wieder eine Biografie über ihn erschienen. The Great Wall Bewertung. Die blaue Truppe sticht hier besonders hervor. Matt Ward Cinematic Considerations. Commander Chen. He then turns out to be a child abductor himself. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Trey Parker K so in China there is this huge wall that was slowly constructed over the ages by various Soccer Games.
The Great Wall Bewertung
The Great Wall Bewertung The Great Wall opens with an incoherently shot horse chase through a spare but beautiful landscape of subtle greens, browns, and yellows. It seemingly exemplifies what the entire film would. 12/15/ · The Great Wall has long been talked up as a landmark of sorts: It's Matt Damon's first foray into China, Zhang Yimou's first predominantly English-language production and the first film to come Author: Clarence Tsui. 2/17/ · The advertising for The Great Wall made it looks like another white savior Damon would play the Chosen One of Anglo-Saxon descent who would come to .

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Ohnehin wirken die Kreaturen ein wenig deplatziert in diesem Roulett, der vor allem historische Bauten, Verhaltensweisen und Traditionen beschwört. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "The Great Wall" von Zhang Yimou: Thomas Tull ist einer der schillerndsten Produzenten Hollywoods – auch weil er zwei. The Great Wall Kritik: Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-​Kommentare zu The Great Wall. Kritiker. Ich. Sortierung: Datum. Likes. Bewertung. Auf The Great Wall, also auf der Chinesischen Mauer, stellt sich ein kampferprobter Matt Damon einer übernatürlichen Bedrohung entgegen, die die ge. Denn, so wird The Great Wall nicht müde zu betonen, ohne ihn ist auch eine perfekt ausgebildete Armee von von 5 bei 30 Bewertungen. Then again, it is equally plausible that the character is meant to be an impostor of limited impersonation skills infiltrating the Chinese army. Stanford University Press. Lovell, Maedchen Spiele Step 2 of 2 Kostenlose Kochspiele did you buy your ticket? Landforms of China List of gaps in Hong Kong. Gangs Merkur Risikoleiter Tricks London. Its kinda like a mutant alligator crossed with a vicious dog, with Gratis Roulette Spielen eyes just above is fronts legs, a mohawk and some gills down its back for communicating in high pitch screams. The Yale Journal of Criticism. While portions north of Beijing and near tourist centers have been preserved and even extensively renovated, in many other locations the Wall is in disrepair. Beginning as separate sections of fortification around the 7th century B.

This happened two thousand years prior to these events, sooo Whatever happened it must have happened quickly because there are apparently millions of these aliens.

This in turn leads me to ask how on earth these aliens haven't been discovered by anyone other than the Chinese yet??

How have the aliens not managed to overcome the wall thus far considering how great in number they are.

Why do they always attack the same spot on the wall? Why not somewhere else or split into two separate attacks?

Are there other attacks elsewhere on the wall we aren't seeing? Why do they only attack every 60 years???

Seriously what is that about? Are they hibernating in the meantime? The aliens also appear to be somewhat invulnerable because they can only be killed by being struck in their incredibly small eyes?!

We also learn that these aliens have a Queen and she controls the hordes via their high pitch calls with the gills. But we also learn that if the Queen is neutralised or killed obviously , so that the rest cannot hear her calls, the hordes will freeze or sleep or just become statues or something.

Oh and there's some crap about magnets hypnotising the aliens into a deep sleep, whatever I dunno. The ideas and story behind these creatures are so stupid and messy I can't believe they went ahead with them.

Lets take a look at the Chinese warriors in this movie, The Nameless Order. For example there are the archers which wear all red armour and the, ahem, acrobatic unit which wear all blue armour.

Oh and the acrobats are all women. Yeah seems a bit unrealistic for an entire unit to be made up of women, but I know women warriors did exist back in ancient China so I'll give that a semi-pass.

Now all these units make perfect sense These female warriors bungee jump off the top of the wall, spears in hand, to attack the aliens below.

It sounds exciting but is in fact completely and utterly pointless and merely offers juicy meat for the aliens to snap up. Seriously, with all the arrows, flaming boulders, harpoons, spears, explosives etc This leads me onto the wall itself.

This isn't just a simple wall, oh no, this is a wonder wall with lots of hidden features that are revealed by moving sections.

Not only can soldiers exit at the foot of the wall through secret moving wall sections; half way up the wall also reveals sections that allow giant scissor-like blades to thrash out and dismember climbing aliens.

The interior of the wall is also highly intricate with lots of rooms, corridors, prisons, machinery, store rooms etc They also seem to have a never ending supply of ammo like arrows and giant circular boulders, oh and they have hot air balloons too.

I have to mention the bewildering amount of deus ex machina moments in this movie. There is so much it just makes a mockery of the entire thing.

The whole sequence where William scales down the wall to capture an alien, in thick mist, is one long joke. The moments where the Chinese rain down arrows, explosives and flaming boulders onto the ground below, completely blind due to the mist, but conveniently miss William is laughable.

Then of course Tovar saves William out of literally nowhere, like where the fuck did he just come from?? There are so many shots in the movie where a character is saved at the last second, or something happens and they avoid certain death.

Or a character makes some miraculous shot or move or whatever in slow motion oh my God the slow motion!! I've never groaned so much in my life!!

Both the Chinese and western cast are acceptable but nothing special. Pedro Pascal is actually a little more engaging with his little touches of comedic relief, even though its pretty simple, amateurish stuff.

Willem Dafoe is here but it doesn't matter because his character is unimportant and does nothing. And the Chinese actors are generally as you would expect, taking it all too seriously whilst not acting too well but they have great hair.

And yet again I have to address controversy almost every bloody movie now. No this is not whitewashing because Damon's character isn't supposed to be Asian, he isn't replacing an Asian actor.

His character is European, a European mercenary which was common at the time. Is this a white saviour movie? But even if it was, who the fuck cares eh??

Trivia Andy Lau and Matt Damon both played the same role of a gang member working as a mole in the police force. Goofs Only one magnetic stone, which can pacify the Tao Tei, appeared in the movie.

The stone was brought in by William the European mercenary. By the time point of the movie somewhen between AD and AD , the compass had been widely used in navigation.

It shouldn't be hard to find more magnetic stones inside China. Quotes Tovar : Amigo, only you would carry a stupid magnet through the desert.

William : I can use it to make a compass. Alternate Versions This film will be released in the Mandarin language separately in English-speaking countries that is, at least Australia.

Both English and Mandarin versions have been classified. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Language: English Mandarin Spanish.

Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Auro Color: Color. Edit page. Everything That's New on Netflix in December. William Garin Matt Damon has travelled all the way from Europe to China in search of the mythical black powder.

Mostly brooding — having survived a tough childhood and decades fighting wars for those who can afford him — he is the staple Hollywood hero, the man with a hard past who is ripe for the stereotypical change of heart.

That opportunity to be good happens when he and his standard-issue sidekick and comic relief Pero Tovar Pedro Pascal end up fighting in a war for survival between China and otherworldly beasts.

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Retrieved July 23, CBS Interactive. Retrieved February 17, The A. The Onion. Retrieved February 18, Ebert Digital LLC.

Retrieved February 15, The Guardian. Retrieved July 31, July 29, The Diplomat. The Huffington Post. The collection of fortifications known as the Great Wall of China has historically had a number of different names in both Chinese and English.

Because of the wall's association with the First Emperor's supposed tyranny , the Chinese dynasties after Qin usually avoided referring to their own additions to the wall by the name "Long Wall".

The current English name evolved from accounts of "the Chinese wall" from early modern European travelers.

Built to withstand the attack of small arms such as swords and spears, these walls were made mostly of stone or by stamping earth and gravel between board frames.

Intending to impose centralized rule and prevent the resurgence of feudal lords, he ordered the destruction of the sections of the walls that divided his empire among the former states.

To position the empire against the Xiongnu people from the north, however, he ordered the building of new walls to connect the remaining fortifications along the empire's northern frontier.

Stones from the mountains were used over mountain ranges, while rammed earth was used for construction in the plains. There are no surviving historical records indicating the exact length and course of the Qin walls.

Most of the ancient walls have eroded away over the centuries, and very few sections remain today.

The human cost of the construction is unknown, but it has been estimated by some authors that hundreds of thousands, [25] if not up to a million, workers died building the Qin wall.

The Great Wall concept was revived again under the Ming in the 14th century, [31] and following the Ming army's defeat by the Oirats in the Battle of Tumu.

The Ming had failed to gain a clear upper hand over the Mongolian tribes after successive battles, and the long-drawn conflict was taking a toll on the empire.

The Ming adopted a new strategy to keep the nomadic tribes out by constructing walls along the northern border of China. Acknowledging the Mongol control established in the Ordos Desert , the wall followed the desert's southern edge instead of incorporating the bend of the Yellow River.

Unlike the earlier fortifications, the Ming construction was stronger and more elaborate due to the use of bricks and stone instead of rammed earth.

Up to 25, watchtowers are estimated to have been constructed on the wall. Sections near the Ming capital of Beijing were especially strong.

Similar in function to the Great Wall whose extension, in a sense, it was , but more basic in construction, the Liaodong Wall enclosed the agricultural heartland of the Liaodong province, protecting it against potential incursions by Jurched-Mongol Oriyanghan from the northwest and the Jianzhou Jurchens from the north.

While stones and tiles were used in some parts of the Liaodong Wall, most of it was in fact simply an earth dike with moats on both sides. Towards the end of the Ming, the Great Wall helped defend the empire against the Manchu invasions that began around Even after the loss of all of Liaodong , the Ming army held the heavily fortified Shanhai Pass , preventing the Manchus from conquering the Chinese heartland.

The Manchus were finally able to cross the Great Wall in , after Beijing had already fallen to Li Zicheng 's rebels. Before this time, the Manchus had crossed the Great Wall multiple times to raid, but this time it was for conquest.

The gates at Shanhai Pass were opened on May 25 by the commanding Ming general, Wu Sangui , who formed an alliance with the Manchus, hoping to use the Manchus to expel the rebels from Beijing.

Under Qing rule, China's borders extended beyond the walls and Mongolia was annexed into the empire, so constructions on the Great Wall were discontinued.

On the other hand, the so-called Willow Palisade , following a line similar to that of the Ming Liaodong Wall, was constructed by the Qing rulers in Manchuria.

Its purpose, however, was not defense but rather to prevent Han Chinese migration into Manchuria. He associated it with the legend of the wall mentioned in the Qur'an , [43] which Dhul-Qarnayn commonly associated with Alexander the Great was said to have erected to protect people near the land of the rising sun from the savages of Gog and Magog.

However, Ibn Battuta could find no one who had either seen it or knew of anyone who had seen it, suggesting that although there were remnants of the wall at that time, they were not significant.

Soon after Europeans reached Ming China by ship in the early 16th century, accounts of the Great Wall started to circulate in Europe, even though no European was to see it for another century.

Possibly one of the earliest European descriptions of the wall and of its significance for the defense of the country against the " Tartars " i.

When China opened its borders to foreign merchants and visitors after its defeat in the First and Second Opium Wars , the Great Wall became a main attraction for tourists.

The travelogues of the later 19th century further enhanced the reputation and the mythology of the Great Wall. A formal definition of what constitutes a "Great Wall" has not been agreed upon, making the full course of the Great Wall difficult to describe in its entirety.

From Jiayu Pass the wall travels discontinuously down the Hexi Corridor and into the deserts of Ningxia , where it enters the western edge of the Yellow River loop at Yinchuan.

Here the first major walls erected during the Ming dynasty cut through the Ordos Desert to the eastern edge of the Yellow River loop. The sections of the Great Wall around Beijing municipality are especially famous: they were frequently renovated and are regularly visited by tourists today.

The Badaling Great Wall near Zhangjiakou is the most famous stretch of the Wall, for this is the first section to be opened to the public in the People's Republic of China, as well as the showpiece stretch for foreign dignitaries.

Made of stone and bricks from the hills, this portion of the Great Wall is 7. One of the most striking sections of the Ming Great Wall is where it climbs extremely steep slopes in Jinshanling.

Southeast of Jinshanling is the Mutianyu Great Wall which winds along lofty, cragged mountains from the southeast to the northwest for 2.

It is connected with Juyongguan Pass to the west and Gubeikou to the east. This section was one of the first to be renovated following the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution.